Numerous are the parts made from the solid with the production of Aluminum 6082, for the realization of the electrical mountain bike Nextale.

Many elements that characterize our e-bike: the steering column realized with 3D machining on 5-axis machines, with precision to a hundredth of a millimeter; the rear carriage presents the wheel supports that are also made from the solid, without weldings, that donate elegance and firmness to the rear disc brake attachments; the seat tube connector, which, in addition to being a design element, allows the replicability of the handmade welds on all our frames; the sets of dropouts, boost wheel axle, flanges and bushings are all machined from solid and anodized, for a guarantee of durability over time and protection from the elements.

The passion for detail goes as far as the saddle clamp, also machined from solid, anodized, and branded NEXTALE.

produzione bici elettriche mountain bike
bici elettriche mountain bike nextale


The particulars of our products are all made from the solid, through precision machining, by chip removal, of Aluminum 6082 also known as Anticorodal.

Components are machined with 5-axis CNC machines through 3D milling.

The result? A well-finished product in the minimum detail, of high precision and quality.


Thanks to the great experience in the F1 and Aerospace, Nextale was born from real professionals in the sector, capable of realizing a product, with standards and quality extremely different that make it unique.

We plan, assemble and control in the first person the product in its every process, attributing a big value, always in the continued research of improvement and evolution.

The direct production of the principal structural components makes more authentic the Nextale’s electrical mountain bike, as the production process is monitored and managed at the moment, without any delocalization.

produzione e-bike


Nextale believe in the values of our Country and in the unique capacity of realize the excellence.

Here, we have decided to create products Made in Italy that, together with 40 years of experience gained in the Motor Valley, had taken on the market a product of the highest quality.

Moreover, we want to answer the request of a clientele always more carefully with the detail and the research of a high-quality standard.